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Mini Grants are available to help Jackson County, MI nonprofits increase the 2020 Census count. 

Grant application can be found here: Census 2020 Mini Grant Application

Mini Grant Funding should be used to increase undercounted or hard-to-count populations, including: 

  • Complex households including those with blended families, multi-generations, or non-relatives
  • Cultural and linguistic minorities
  • Lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer/questioning persons
  • Low income persons
  • Persons experiencing homelessness
  • Persons less likely to use the Internet and others without Internet access
  • Persons residing in places difficult for enumerators to access, such as buildings with strict doormen, gated communities, and basement apartments
  • Persons residing in rural or geographically isolated areas
  • Persons who do not live in traditional housing
  • Persons who do not speak English fluently (or have limited English proficiency)
  • Persons who have distrust in the government
  • Persons with mental and/or physical disabilities
  • Persons without a high school diploma
  • Racial and ethnic minorities
  • Renters
  • Undocumented immigrants (or recent immigrants)
  • Young children
  • Young, mobile persons

Be Counted Campaign MAY NOT BE USED for the following activities:

1. Gift cards or other incentives to individuals for completing the census. Grantees SHOULD NOT use campaign dollars to give gas cards or other incentives to individuals for completing the census. 

  • However,  grantees ARE PERMITTED to use this funding for raffles, food, prizes or door giveaways to individuals attending events in support of a fair and accurate 2020 census. For example, a nonprofit may hold a census party or another event with pizza and door prizes for those who attend.

2. Door-to-door collection of census responses. Funds should not go door-to-door with iPads or other devices for households to use in completing the census. 

  • However, funds ARE PERMITTED to be used for door-to-door canvassing of neighborhoods to share educational materials on how households may complete the census. For example, funds could be used to share flyers with their community that includes the website, phone number and a local location with a computer to complete the census. 

Mini Grant Recipients must provide a report of the following data: 

  • Under-counted Population targeted
  • Number of people contacted
  • Description of activities

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